1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4

The GTB/4 was introduced in 1966, it added little to the already brilliant design of Ferrari’s 275, with simple exterior changes such as chromed rear trunk hinges and a slight bulge in the bonnet. However, it was the underneath which had been updated. A second overhead camshaft was added to each cylinder bank, making the 275 GTB/4 the first ever Ferrari to boast dual overhead camshafts, providing the already potent V12 engine with an additional 20 hp.

Before undergoing a bare metal respray to Ferrari specification Grigio Argento, the repair and replacement of corroded body panels was carried out using traditional methods, enabling us to restore this 275 GBT/4 to its original beauty.

A new headlining and carpets refreshed the interior whilst a customer designed bespoke console wrapped in original specification Connoly Pelle Blue Vol Mol housed a set of historic Heuer rally sport clocks. A delicate chrome surround completes this bespoke addition.

New details have been added such as the relocated Pininfarina badges mounted to the front wings and rear panel. Classic Borrani wire wheels have been fitted to Michelin 205VR14 tyres complete with new spinners. A custom made chrome surround was introduced to the rear panel to emphasise the striking features of the rear of the car. Reshaping and repolishing of chrome fittings has been undertaken whilst some custom changes have been made to the rear quarter panel where the fuel filler has been moved to and a Monza fuel filler installed.

The four-cam rarity and spectacular driving characteristics make this Ferrari one of the most celebrated grand touring Ferraris of all time, accompanied by the desirable Classiche certification from Ferrari.

Model:275 GTB/4


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